A “Baker’s Dozen” of Most Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What makes Sweet Bottom® Cookies so Irresistible?

Sweet Bottom® Cookies are Amazingly Yummy, Gourmet Desserts with an Amazing Shelf Life (1 year frozen; 6 months thawed). There are two sizes; a Jumbo 3.5 oz & a Pouch of Mini Cookies (3.6oz).  Our cookies are made with premium ingredients including the “finest sugar, purest vanilla, savory cocoa, and a NATURAL preservative to ensure freshness. Each cookie is dipped in creamy fudge (hence our name, “Sweet Bottom”!) then Individually Wrapped for portable convenience! The end result? A heavenly taste few can resist.

2. How Long Will Sweet Bottom® Cookies Retain their Quality & Freshness?

Due to a secret NATURAL preservative (which we are sure many of you have right in your own kitchen pantry!), Sweet Bottom® Cookies last 1 year frozen, 6 months stored.

3. How Should I Store the Sweet Bottom® Cookies I don’t Eat Immediately?

Good for you for not eating them all on one occasion! If you want to save cookies for months down the line; freeze them. If you want to sneak a nibble from time to time, then keep them in the refrigerator.

4. Does Sweet Bottom, LLC provide Discounts for Large Orders?

Yes. Volume pricing is available. Kindly Contact Us.

5. Does Sweet Bottom, LLC Franchise?

We hope to some day! With your help we can soon have the country enjoy  “The Best Cookie You Will Ever Eat!” in retail stores everywhere!

cookie package

6. How Can I Get Sweet Bottom® Cookies?

SBC is a wholesale supplier.  Retailers & Distributors across the USA can offer their patrons a Sweet Bottom Cookie.  Ask them to bring the cookie onto their shelves if you don’t already see our product line- ya’ll will be glad you did!

7. What Distributor can Retailers Contact?

Continental Concessions Supply, Inc.  (CCSI), VISTAR (Performance Food Group); and TriState Theatre Supply.

8. Where Does Sweet Bottom®, LLC Ship To?

Currently Distribution Lanes reach out to the lower 48 States.

9. How Quickly Can I Receive My Order?

Sweet Bottom® Cookies are baked fresh to order for our distributors.  Generally speaking, allow two to three weeks from Oven to Shelf.

10. I am worried about Nut Allergies. Do your Sweet Bottom® Cookies contain Peanuts?

The ingredient listing for the production of Sweet Bottom Cookies does NOT contain peanuts. However, Sweet Bottom Cookies are produced in a facility that processes tree nuts.  It may be best if you don’t Grabba Sweet Bottom ;D at this time. It is OK, we love our brand, but we love you more!