Our Story

Our Story


Sweet Bottom, LLC graced the confectionery world in October, 2010 ūüôā What started out to be a part time interest, has turned into an around the clock operation, with professional Distributors fulfilling orders, and a transition to an SQF Level 3 bakery facility!! ¬†With “overnight success” in the Movie Theater sector (thank you Digiplex Destinations (http://digiplexdest.com) for your trust in our brand!), SBC was on our way to success. ¬†We rode this wave for about 18 months, then we were tasked to “improve our product packages”. ¬†SBC was forced to seek out additional funds as the inevitable happened… we ran out of good ‘ole cash ‘o la. ¬† ¬† SBC then committed to entering¬†a Biz Plan Competition held at N.J.I.T. With all those prominent attendees, we jumped with two feet right into the competition. ¬†After six long months of submissions and deadlines, that infamous Friday night phone call finally arrived from The Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership (www.IFELNJ.Org) which announced SBC was a finalist in the competition. ¬†We whirled around and did “fist pumps” in the air, right in the middle of my kitchen. It was a moment of exhilaration that will not be forgotten!¬†And, can you guess what happened next? ¬†After delivering a 3 minute pitch, covering 27 points, in front of Ny/NJ’s most distinguished judges, SBC eventually clinched FIRST PLACE! ¬† We were privy to receiving one of those oversized cardboard checks that read $10,000….(yes, just like you see on Reality TV shows!). Total¬†prize package was valued at over $30,000- yippee!

In late 2012, SBC successfully transitioned from a “Start Up” company, to one with all pistons firing. Long gone are our all too familiar “Silver Wrappers”. Where this packaging certainly was a necessity in getting SBC on the map, I am thinking of contacting NASA to see if they want to offer them on future spaceship explorations, as that truly is where these wrappers look like they belonged. ¬†Thanks to the expertise of confectionery design expert, Jerry Lessard, (who designed more infamous product wrappers like Mentos Mints), SBC proudly unveiled our new, highly visible wrapper in November, 2012. (Thank you AMC Theaters for pushing us in that direction!) ¬†With inspiration from the sign hanging out front of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory¬†in Atlanta’s airport terminal, I think we finally got it right.¬† Our package clearly depicts what we are all about- a Jumbo, Soft, Gourmet cookie being dipped in a Fudge Covered bottom- yum!

Websignia (www.Websignia.Net) designed this amazing website for consumers  & distributors to gather more information.

In 2013, our thanks goes out to Dan Borschke for inviting us to The National Association of Concessionaires, which enabled SBC to be taken to “The Next Level”. ¬†In attending the N.A.C Trade Show,¬†the year ended with yet another bang as SBC was blessed to offer product to our largest venue yet- ¬†in the SEC Football Conference! ¬†LSU proudly added Sweet Bottom Cookies to Tiger Stadium’s menu board. ¬† How blessed we were to have a presence in this 93,0000 seat venue! ¬†Geaux Tigers!(http://www.nola.com/lsu/index.ssf/2013/09/lsu_jazzes_up_tiger_stadium_co.html.)

2015? What could that bring? ¬†The best news ever…Nestle (yes, “THE” Nestle) has cobranded with Sweet Bottom Cookie!! ¬†The only thing better than Nestle’s Buncha CRUNCH is a Sweet Bottom Cookie made with Nestle Buncha CRUNCH! ¬†The new packages have been designed and printed (thanks to fellow NAC Member, Packaging Concepts!), the distributors are lined up, and we are just days away from releasing this fabulous, new, unique, cookie to the marketplace- hold onto your hat! This combo team is a winner!

In 2016, SBC¬†responded to Buyer demands, and released the first ever¬†“Sweet Bottom MINI” Cookie. ¬†A shout out of thanks to Carmike Cinemas and Bow Tie Cinemas, who joined the ranks with National-Amusement Theaters (Showcase Cinemas) in offering their patrons SBC’s Jumbo 3.5oz. Sweet Bottom Cookie. Likewise, it is great to increase our presence in The Big Apple as we thank LEGENDS for offering SBC to Circle Line, Intrepid, and (if we play our cards right..!), One World Observatory.

In 2017 the theme is Certifications and Expansion. With the instruction of Cinemark’s Wally Helton, SBC received the ACS (Accredited Concession Supplier) Certification. ¬†The ball didn’t stop there, as SBC continued to pursue Certification on the Operator side (Hey, if we don’t know first hand what challenges present our Buyers, how can SBC best provide a solution for their Sales Mix?). ¬†With the instruction of Larry Etter, Malco Theatre, and NAC’s Director of Education, SBC earned their CCM- Certified Concession Managers Certification. ¬†SBC’s deepest thanks is extended to our colleagues at NAC for introducing this On-Line Certification Course, provided by the University of Memphis’ Kemmons Wilson School of Hospitality & Resort Management.

As 2017 continued into the fall, SBC dipped our toe back into the world of Direct-to-Consumer opportunities.  Please visit. www.STAPLES.Com to deliver your own, personal six-pack version of SWEET BOTTOM COOKIES WITH NESTLE BUNCHA CRUNCH to your doorstep.  This online Office Retail powers are without paying a ticket price to your venue, this is your chance. Enjoy your favorite Concession Stand snack right in the comforts of your own home or office!

What’s new in 2018? ¬†It is hard to tell. ¬†Right now we are buried in Re-Certifications and TradeMark usages! ¬†If SBC had to give you a hint: ¬†think International….Dubai, perhaps? Who would like to see the SBC Packaging in Arabic? ¬†#CinemaCon 2018: look out Vegas…our worlds will elevate each other once again. ¬†(I am not going to lie to you, I am very excited about seeing #TomCruise receive his award for the 2018 Pioneer of The Year– love that actor!). ¬†Will keep ya’ll posted…

As SBC looks back on the past five years, our team gives thanks to all those who have supported our endeavors thus far. ¬†SBC’s gratitude is extended to Digiplex Destinations ¬†(Newly branded as New Vision Theaters!) for allowing a multi-state footprint for SBC across our nation’s Movie Theaters. ¬†We wish you a heartfelt congratulations as your dynasty comes to a close. Our thanks is extended to the numerous Mom & Pop retail locations that proudly offer SBC, to our hometown of Charleston, SC, and the coveted Mt. Pleasant Business Association, what a fabulous group of talented individuals that make our country great. ¬†SBC’s excitement continues with full force as we continue to target more national clients to inundate our great country with Sweet Bottom Cookies everywhere.

It is with my deepest gratitude that I thank God, my husband Greg, my children Hannah and Noah, friends, retailers and customers for your never ending belief for the SBC brand.  This company is taking off like wild fire, and I am blessed by your loyalty from the onset.  Look out USA, here we come!

Remember, no matter what the occasion, you can always grab a Sweet Bottom¬ģ Cookie, “The Best Cookie You Will Ever Eat!¬ģ

Delight in Your Indulgence!

Michele Lewis

God Bless America

Michele Lewis

President, Sweet Bottom, LLC